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Alumni money multiplies

This week sees the beginning of the University's spring telethon to raise money for the Alumni Fund, which exists to enhance the student experience by providing scholarships, hardship grants and support for innovative projects.  This time the telethon will also be fundraising for the Pharmacy Centenary Scholarship Fund

Thousands of alumni are already giving, but this year two of our most successful graduates are acting to inspire their contemporaries to join in supporting the University of Bath. 

Kuldip Salh (BPharm 1980) will be matching pound-for-pound all gifts from Pharmacy graduates not already giving to the Pharmacy Centenary Scholarship Fund. 

Bernard Dokelman (Economics & Administration 1970) will be matching pound-for-pound gifts from graduates of other departments who are new donors to the Alumni Fund. 

Both alumni have been strong supporters of the University of Bath for many years and believe that giving back to their University is a great way of repaying the benefit a University of Bath education brought them, and helping the next generation to have the same opportunities.

The effect of this matching, combined with the Government Matched Giving scheme announced last August, means that a single gift of £132 from a graduate, doubled to £264 by the matching from Mr Salh and Mr Dokelman, will actually now be worth over £500 to the University! 

We hope that the inspiration of seeing their gifts achieving so much more will prompt alumni to join our community of supporters. We expect that the effect of this scheme will add about £60,000 to the philanthropic income of the University.