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University of Bath Alumni Email for Life Service

All final year students and alumni have the opportunity to sign up for the University of Bath Alumni Email Address service that gives you a permanent email address that will forward all mail to an email address of your choice. You can also set up the mainstream email services so that you can send emails from your alumni email address using your personal email account! Click here to find out how to set this up. A complete guide to Email for Life in PDF format can be found by clicking here.

Signing up

  • Use the form below to sign up or edit your Alumni Email Address settings.
  • Make sure that you choose your Alumni Email Address carefully as once it is set it can not be changed! We suggest using your name or initials for example or
  • Provide your personal email address as the forwarding address. This can be updated at any time by returning to this page.
  • Tick the box marked 'Yes, I want email forwarding from a life long email address' and then click 'update'.
  • On the confirmation page that opens you will have the option to update your Preferred Email Address. You will need to enter it in its entirety e.g.