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Website Guide

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please email

Alumni Community

Who is eligible to join?

All graduates and those who studied for at least 1 year at Bath can join the Web Community. If you are unsure then please email or telephone 01225 386824.

How much does it cost?

Membership is totally free. Registration only exists so that our services are exclusively available to our alumni only.

How do I register?

You will need an activation code before being able to complete the registration form. This code was sent out with the last issue of BA2. If you have not got this then you can email , remember to include your full name, subject of study and the year of your graduation. Put that you would like an activation code in the subject of the email. You should recieve your activation code within one working day, once you have this code you can fill in the registration form.

If you did not graduate from Bath but still qualify to join the Alumni Community then email We will need more details from you so that we can verify you meet the criteria to join and so that we can create you a record on our database and generate an activation code for you.

When registering you are asked for your preferred email address, this is the one that you currently use and would like us to send any emails to. Once you have registered you can create an alumni email address and you will be given the option whilst creating that of updating your preferred email address to be your address. During the registration process you must enter an email address that you can check!

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Please email us at with your problem and put in the subject box a brief outline of the problem, for example "forgotten my password". We will then be able to restore your access to the web community.

Alumni Net Community Features

There are many things that you can use the net community for; here a few of the more popular ones are explained.

Update My Profile

You can update the details that we hold about you using the update form, from home address to employment details. Changes you make here will automatically update our database and help us to keep you informed of new services and events that are available to you. The second function the update form serves is controlling what information other alumni can see about you in the Alumni Directory. Next to each field is a tick box. When ticked the item is hidden from view for other members of the Alumni Web Community. This allows you to make available to others your preferred email address, a telephone number but hide your home address. You can make available as much or as little information as you please and it is only visible to other alumni from the University of Bath.

To update your profile sign in to the Web Community and then click on 'Alumni Community' button on the main menu on the left. It will expand and the top item is 'Update Profile', click on this button. If you search for yourself using the directoy it will show all your details, this is because it is your account. Others will not be able to see hidden details.

Alumni Directory & Finding Old Friends

The Alumni Directory allows you to find old friends and classmates and see what details they have made available to contact them through. At the moment you will only find details for alumni who have registered to use the Web Community. If an old friend is not registered you may still be able to contact them by emailing with your request.

To search the Alumni Directory sign in to the Web Community and then click on 'Alumni Community' button on the main menu on the left. It will expand and the 5th item down is labelled 'Search Directory'. Click on this button. On the page that opens you can search by various fields such as surname, year of graduation or just subject. The lists of alumni that are displayed after you click search allow you to view a persons profile by clicking on their name.

If you wish to contact an old staff member from your department follow the links to that department's home page and contact them directly.

Reunions & Events

All sorts of events will be advertised on the Web Community including small reunions organised by alumni, the annual reunion and events around the world organised by other organisations such as the British Council. When new ones are added a note is made on the front page of the Web Community. Details on past and forthcoming events can always be found by clicking on the 'Events and Reunions' button halfway down the menu on the left of the webpage.

If you wish to advertise a forthcoming reunion or provide a brief report on one you attended (including photos please!!) then email or call 01225386824.


We have negotiated many discounts on using facilities on campus, including membership of the Sports Training Village, use of the library and accomodation on campus when you visit Bath. To find out more about these and the discounts offered on holiday ideas and business services from other alumni click on the 'Benefits and Services' button on the menu to the left of the web page.

If you would like to offer alumni a discount on business interest or use of a holiday home please email or call 01225386824 to let us know.

General Enquiries for University Services

Degree Certificates & Transcripts

If you need a copy of either then the first place to contact is the Student Records & Examinations office, their telephone number is +44 (0) 1225 383127. It is likely that they will need a written and signed request for the information which must also include the address you wish your certificate/transcripts to be sent to.

Careers - Information, Advice & Guidance

You are eligible for support from the Careers Advisory Service after you graduate. Services include:

  • searchable job vacancies in the MyFuture database
  • web-based information on type of jobs, applications, interviews and much more
  • information on what graduates from your department have gone on to do
  • access to the Information Room on campus
  • one-to-one guidance to help with every step of your career planning.

For full details see Information for graduates on the Careers site.Employment at the University

Many of our alumni return to work at the University, the director the development and alumni team is an alumnus! To find out more visit the Human Resources Jobs page.

Visiting the University

If you are planning to come up to campus and would like use any of the facilities such as the Library computers, then please do contact us first so that we can arrange for you to have access. Unfortunately the security policies of the University will not allow you to simply arrive and use them. Email us at or telephone 01225 386824.

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