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Q: Can you put me in touch with .....?

A: We have now developed a web directory where you can look up old class mates online. Register to join the directory or, if already registered, login to update your details or search the directory. If you cannot find the person you are looking for then please contact us (telephone +44(0)1225 386824). We are not able to provide you with details of other alumni without their permission under the rules of the Data Protection Act. If the person has chosen not to disclose her or her email address on the directory then the Alumni Office will be able to forward an email for you - if they hold an up to date address.

Q: When is the next reunion for my class?

A: We will publicise any reunions we are informed about on the web site events pages.

Q: I work in the field of ........ and would like to meet other alumni working in the same area.

A: The University of Bath online community has already established some networking groups, for example in the field of human resources. If you would like to set up a networking discussion group, or would like to join one, please email the Alumni Office.

Q: What do I do if I have lost my degree certificate or transcript and want a replacement?

A: If you require a copy of your degree certificate then please contact the Academic Registry. Please note that detailed transcripts are available from your departmental administrator (find your department using the menu on the left). Graduates of 2008 onwards will be able to request transcripts from the Academic Registry.

Q: Can I get discounts on using the University sporting facilities?

A: Please visit the alumni Benefits and Servicesweb pages for information about the University Sports Village and its discounts for alumni.

Q: Can I still use the University library?

A: Please visit the alumni Benefits and Services web pages to see information about the Library and Learning Centre and its discounts for alumni.

Q: Do I have to pay a joining fee to join the Alumni Association?

A: No, the Alumni Association is totally free for alumni of the University.

Q: Who are considered to be alumni of the University?

A: Graduates and some other past students who meet the alumni criteria.

Q: I want to organise a reunion; can you help?

A: If you contact us we can provide you with a guide to organising a successful reunion as well as providing information about the facilities in the University of Bath and in the City of Bath itself. We can also help you contact your class mates by email or by letter (a charge for postage will normally be made).

Q: I'm visiting the City; can I book a room at the University?

A: Alumni are offered a discount for University Accommodation on production of their ID number - please see Alumni Benefits and Services

Q: I'd like to continue my education; can you tell me about distance learning courses at the University?

A: Please visit the alumni further study pages to see the currently available distance learning courses which offer discounts for alumni.

Q: Can I contribute an article to BA2?

A: Alumni are sometimes approached for features and class notes are always welcome (these can be entered via the alumni directory). If you would like to contribute a feature or have other comments about BA2 please contact the Alumni Relations Officer.

Q: Can I use the University careers service?

A: Yes! Please see Information for graduates on the Careers site for service details.

Q: Can I help current students in non-financial ways?

A: Alumni are encouraged to become mentors for current students - especially in the School of Management - and you can also join the graduate contact database.

Q: I am looking for employment at the University of Bath?

A: Please visit the Human Resources web site for possible vacancies. You can also visit

Q: Is Dr ???? still working at the University?

A: If you know which department he used to work at please contact that department direct (links to departments are available from the University Home Page

Q: Can I buy University souvenirs online?

A: Please visit the alumni Benefits and Services web pages for information about souvenirs.

Q: When is the next open day for the Department of ?????.?

A: Departments organise their own open days so please get in touch with the Admissions Tutor of that department (links to departments are at the side of this page). However the University has two general Open Days - you can find out about them here: Open Days.

Q: How do I join the Alumni Directory?

A: To join the University of Bath Alumni Directory use the login/register button at the top of this page. You will than be able to access more areas of the website and receive information in relation to Alumni activities.

Q: I can't remember my ID Number/password?

A: Please contact the Alumni Relations Office who will help you.

Q: I've registered, what happens now?

A: Once you have registered you will receive an email confirming you registration. You will start to receive regular e-newsletters about new features and activities at the University.

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